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Look at the new trend of outdoors clothing

Look at the new trend of outdoors clothing

time : 2017-12-11
Although domestic outdoor clothing has quietly sprung up in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Kunming since 1998, it develops rapidly, and the market capacity is bigger and bigger. This has attracted the attention of the clothing industry. Reporter visited Beijing in the market, now more and more distinctive trends in outdoor apparel - "Pan outdoor concept" by the designers and actively use mall sales outstanding outdoor brand is almost all more strong sense of fashion products, consumers buy these products are not all like outdoor sports, but the value of outdoor brand fashion sense and functional advantages of the combination of

Reporters recently participated in the IspoChina2007 winter exhibition. It is currently the largest outdoor clothing product exhibition platform in China, and has gathered 300 brands from 20 countries. At this exhibition, many of the exhibitors have shown their recognition of the popular new trend of outdoor clothing "Pan - Outdoor concept". TheNorthFace, a domestic agent, told reporters: "for the development of outdoor clothing in China, the design will become more and more fashionable. Outdoor activities will become a symbol of life, and it is also a sign of fashion. "Pan - outdoor" design will cater to more consumer psychology, and it will become a stronger trend and trend in 2008. In this view, the outdoor clothing will develop towards the trend of fine differentiation, use of human nature and light weight.

Tendency to a functional subdivision

The world famous brand Gore-Tex launched a new naming system all the time, which seems to be simply renamed, but it contains more outdoor clothing subdivision knowledge. Gore-Tex has changed from the past single name to the three names of ProShell, PerformanceShell and SoftShell, and from the two functions of waterproof, air permeability and thermal insulation, to two groups of professionals and outdoor outdoors.

From the detail of clothing design, the multi-functional design of outdoor clothing is also the key to brand competition. In order to maintain a large amount of air circulation during vigorous exercise, some outdoor clothing designs ventilation zipper openings under the bowels, and designs double wind and rain protection when the zippers are in the open state. Such as Efron (Athalon) lined with a layer of fleece fabric, increased the warmth of clothing, cuffs have Velcro, the bottom has the bottom of the cat eye tightening regulation design, making this dress whether in the city or the outdoors is very suitable for wearing.

Tending to two humanized definitions

Compared with the beautiful appearance, the outdoor clothing pays more attention to the humanized design, which is waterproof, windproof, warm, breathable, and wear-resistant. But now the definition of humanity is more extensive, which is mainly reflected in the design skills, that is, how to satisfy the wearer's needs to the maximum extent.

Wear and sticky wetness are the most common problems in climbing pants. The common materials to deal with these are Polyester, Supplex and so on. But a more humane climbing pants is "bag" convenience, there should be at least a map or a manual pocket in the leg side, make our pants security pocket with zip, can store the necessary documents, cash, credit cards etc..

According to outdoor sportswear designers, in recent years, outdoor clothing has been developing towards a more outdoor way, that is to say, a Gore Tex suit can cope with many outdoor sports. The July Merrell clothing will focus on the application of proprietary technology, such as laser cutting technology, environmental protection technology, waterproof breathable fabric technology, etc. Meric pants series products are the DINB series products using Bio-Blend technology, and use Merino wool and organic cotton.

Patagonia is based on the production of outdoor clothing, so it has a better tailoring and become a few companies that supply special size clothing. It is an item of clothing is used double zipper design, convenient disassembly and fleece, and this makes the temperature area more widely applicable clothing. The whole dress is "stereoscopic cutting", which makes it more fit and comfortable to wear, and does not affect the movement.

Trend three "light" to adapt to the general outdoor

The simple travel principle of outdoors requires that the less the better, the best choice to achieve this goal is a multi - use. Outdoor sportswear to meet this requirement has a unique structure in the structure. In order to achieve concise goals, the ideal outdoor sportswear usually use a compact cutting way, which ensures that the clothing is small and light in the premise of ensuring the movement function. Meanwhile, the compact tailoring can reduce the friction of the clothing in sports. Instead of the traditional bag cover with seamless surface, internal waterproof zipper seamless bonding reduces the width of the edge seam of the fabric, thus effectively reducing the weight. The coat made by this technology reduces the weight of 15% compared to the traditional one. Reduce the amount of fabric and soft zipper device, more conducive to the reduction of volume.

Famous brand Aifulong China has officially entered the mainland, this brand clothing design is exquisite, the use of high-grade waterproof breathable fabric, not only suitable for outdoor wear, even wore street is also very suitable, can be said that the organic combination of outdoor clothing and fashion, especially the weight reduction has become a major feature of the clothing brand, its price it can be accepted by most consumers in China, so domestic outdoor sports like. (Wang Yunan)