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Some famous brands of outdoor clothing

Some famous brands of outdoor clothing

time : 2017-12-11
Germany's Salewa is the world famous brand of outdoor sports, it has a long history, early in the production of outdoor winter sports activities for the 1978 SALEWA comprehensive expansion of functional outdoor clothing production, including working with the Gore company, the design of GORETEX function of clothing, and the first to enter the market Chinese products.

The ALGLE brand in France entered the Asian market in 1992 and entered the Chinese market in 1997. The image of this international brand is practical and noble, natural and new.

Patagonia is based on the production of outdoor clothing, so its clothing tailoring is better, and it is a few companies that supply special size clothing.

WHERE is the top outdoor clothing brand in the UK. Its professional designers are committed to the use of new materials, such as titanium and wool sheep, and the development of new technologies. The weight of some products has been reduced by 50%, and their strength and durability have been enhanced. The design of the nuanced brand clothing, there are many amazing places.

The quality of FOURSQUARE outdoor clothing is very good in the user. It is one of the largest outdoor clothing brands in the United States. Its detail design is more reasonable and the product innovation leads to other brands. Many users believe that the quality of FS is generally better than that of TNH.

Aifulong (ATHALON), is Hongkong's famous brand, has officially entered the mainland Chinese, this brand clothing design exquisite, the European high-grade waterproof breathable fabric, not only suitable for outdoor wear, even wore street is also very suitable, can be said that the organic combination of outdoor clothing and fashion, is a major feature of this brand clothing the price of it can be accepted by most domestic consumers, so in the domestic outdoor sports like.

The following combination of several Aifulong introduce the characteristics of clothing brand clothing:

1.Patti Ladies JKT

It changed the other outdoor clothing loose design styles, the waist cutting mode, bring out the women Tingtingyuli posture. Plus the whole dress is coloured with orange and light grey in the color matching, bright yellow and light gray collocation, the color is very bright, fashionable, put on this dress in early spring, add a bright color to the city or the field that just returned to green. This is a typical Aifulong outdoor clothing fashion. But it still has many advantages of outdoor clothing. It is lined with a layer of fleece fabric, which increases the warmth of clothing. The cuffs have Velcro, and the bottom has a cat's eye tightening and adjusting design, making this dress suitable for both urban and outdoor wear.

2.Cargil 3-IN-1 Men 's JKT

This garment is made of rainproof and breathable fabric, and the mesh is lined to enhance the waterproof and air permeability of the garment. Some of the basic functions of the clothing design outdoor clothing have: it has can be folded into the collar cap, the zipper placket and all pocket zipper waterproof design, design a map inside placket bag, waist and bottom and tighten the bottom beam waist strength design regulation. But this kind of clothing is a single zipper design, and can not be added to the fleece clothing. Therefore, it avoids the feeling of bloated and hypertrophy in other men's outdoor clothes, and it cuts well and suits well in the city. When clothes are used, they avoid the brighter colors commonly used in men's outdoor clothes. They use gray, dark green, light green which can be accepted by most men, with a simple design style, which shows men's stability and practice. So it's not only a good outdoors but also a casual dress.

3.Tenpest 3-IN-1 Men 's JKT

This garment is mentioned in the preceding two paragraphs of two words, more prominent Aifulong as the characteristics and advantages of outdoor clothing. It also uses waterproof and breathable fabrics. The inside is mesh structure lining. The hat can be folded and then put into the collar. There is a longitudinal adjustment and tightening design on the hat, which enhances the stability and adhesion of the hat and achieves better protection of the head. All the clothes are YKK zipper, and waterproof design, placket is arranged on the inner side of the map bag, waist and hem tightening regulation design, with an adjustable Velcro cuffs. This garment is used double zipper design, convenient disassembly and fleece, let you take time for change in the natural environment, but also makes the area temperature and clothing applies more widely. The whole dress is a "stereo cutting" that makes you fit and comfortable to wear, and it will not affect the movement you have. More importantly, the price of such a very professional outdoor suit is not high and is believed to be acceptable to most outdoor sports enthusiasts.