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Outdoors clothes upgrade your passion for sports

Outdoors clothes upgrade your passion for sports

time : 2017-12-11
Flowers are blooming everywhere season, people's outdoor sports to correspondingly soar. As a result, a large group of sportsers suddenly changed into comfortable and dynamic costumes, and they appeared in every corner of the city. But, in respect of this fashion, sports will inevitably catch fashion bandwagon, and fashion elements to each other in favor of, cannot bear to part from each other.

Sports VS fashion

The crossover of sport and fashion has been a trend in recent years. This year, this trend has come again.

At the same time, the major fashion brands include the series of sports without exception. This is the meaning of the question, not to mention it.

He has served as the design director of Chloe and joined the famous international designer StellaMcCartney, who founded the fashion studio named after her name by Gucci. In spring this year, he joined hands with Adidas to launch the new high-end women's sports new dress adidasbyStellaMcCartney. In continuation of the last season's three themes of fitness, running and swimming, it also launched a new tennis series, which combines sports technology and its unique fashion touch, which makes a very good choice for women who are keen on sports.

Coincidentally, in the design of the spring and summer clothing, the creative director of lacoste ChristopheLemaire will be original in conception elements in combination, suits and sports clothing, the tennis outfit became the highlight of the new summer series. Creative from the last century, the 70s tennis golden age, the tennis clothing series in white, with red and green stripes of the classic colors, reproduce on shorts for men and women's skirts, shorts, with men and women in soft cotton shirt, vest and shirt collar V thin, fully embodies the style of nostalgia.

With the famous brand of underwear, "the secret of Vitoria", this year the new elastic beach skirt is introduced. It gives beachwear brought not only beautiful appearance, line reveals, especially personal design, sexy, sexy underwear will be brought to the beach wear, with considerable success. It uses a very high purity of lemon yellow, blue Zhu Hong, etc. in color, suitable for all kinds of color collocation. At the same time, in terms of style, the designer took full consideration of the diversity of fashion styles and divided them into different styles, such as simplicity, Hawaii and retro.

The most amazing, however, is that RossellaJardini, the Moschino creative design director, has designed the uniforms of the opening ceremony of the Turin Olympic Games this year. This is a challenge to materialized 89 pieces of clothing inspired by mountain scenery. Through the unique design of skiers, handmade wooden houses and countless small pines, Moschino presents a costume design like carving works. Each dress is about 10 meters high Beige clothes made of silk, and the peaks are cut and sew by hand, plus the powder, showing the velvet snow falling, the overlapping crinoline petticoats design a peak effect. The joint presentation of fashion and sport is revealed in this design.

Tennis outfit

Tennis, it's one of the hottest sports in the season.

However, tennis is not a purely sport concept. A simple, handsome and handsome tennis suit has now become another synonym for fashion and sexy. This season, when you go to the stadium, a beautiful set of tennis suits will definitely make you the focus of attention.

Color terms, the season is still dominated by white tennis outfit, but the various brands invariably increased and the activity of the full sense of the bright red, green and rose. The use of these bright colors makes the tennis fit more visually.

Casual sportswear

Almost all the big fashion brands do not miss the design of the fashion. These casual design of sports fashion, taking full account of the comfort of the sport and the fashion of leisure wear, the combination of the two will be quite in place.

Similarly, in terms of color, color, pink, blue, orange, green and other bright colors are used, with the blue sea, floating clouds, green street and sunshine, side by side, but. Most of the fabrics are made of 100% pure cotton, mixed wool, hemp, mercerized cotton or denim, and it is very natural and comfortable.


Basically, it's a lively season. Although the sun is mild, the smell of the air is still with a February taste, but everyone is full of heat SUMMERSUN preparations. Walking along the waves and playing beach volleyball, these sports and leisure methods have always been listed on the agenda of people's Chronicle.

Simple beach skirts, loose and comfortable beach pants, a big cowboy hat... The most important element is the following.