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The way to save energy outdoors should not be the next.

time : 2017-12-11
When going out for mountaineering, many donkeys are not good at saving physical fitness. When they are extremely tired, they cannot afford to go up. On the one hand, they are still wasting their physical strength.

Ways to save energy outdoors

1. Talk less

Speak physical strength is very large, to need to mobilize muscle, muscle, lung and throat oral multiple muscle muscle tissue, blood supply from the heart to need to call these exercises, more serious is that the number of oxygen consumption of the talk is very great, as we speak, almost all of the lungs oxygen was used to supply to the oxygen content in blood decreased rapidly. If it is to shout and talk continuously, it costs more physical energy. So, the donkey is trying to speak as little as possible.

In addition, less talk, more observation, more experience, is one of the symbols of mature donkey. It is a good quality of a tasteful donkey. Some way off the reel, the tour pal is talk downright nonsense, annoying, and listen to others in my ears constantly noisy, is also a waste of energy, and lead to a bad mood. It is not necessary, try not to say, lest harm to others.

2, reduce the number of rest times

A lot of friends, when they are on the upslope, feel tired and sit down without falling. When you want to go, you have a very tired leg, and it takes a lot of energy to support the whole body and the backpack. In fact, there are many ways to rest, and there is no need to sit down all over the body.

One is to choose the trunk of the tree to lean on, reduce the bearing of the legs and relieve the pressure.

The two is to choose a higher place to sit down. It's better to rest on the slopes and stones with a smaller height than the hips, so that when you walk up, you don't need much physical strength to lift your whole body.

The three is to use your special rest method (my youthful name): hands and knees to support the body, bending the upper part of the body into a balanced bridge, the level of the back, let the backpack smoothly on the back, legs slightly bent, facing uphill direction, relax the torso, can let the shoulders lighten the sense of the spine to ease the pressure from top to bottom, quickly relieve fatigue, restore physical strength. When starting, do not lift up the upper body quickly, but slowly restore the trunk to the normal position in the course of the upward movement.

The four is to breathe as deep as possible, slow down the pace, slow until the feeling does not work so far, the rest of the rest to each step, reduce the number of rest.

If five is to sit down and rest, as far as possible in the go ahead is the road flat place to sit and not after the break immediately enter the place to rest up. Otherwise, after the rest, the heart and lungs and muscles are in a calm state, the sudden need for great physical energy, can cause danger, not to say, but also more waste of physical energy.

Six is a small step, just dragging your feet. Small steps can save part of the physical strength, but when you go up the mountain, you don't lift your feet very high and slightly drag the floor, as long as you do not affect walking and safety, so you can save your strength. These small areas are mindful of your habits. You can save a lot of physical strength by forming habits.

When the seven is high, you can use your hands to lift your legs up, and then use your hands to raise your body on your knees. There are many roads in the mountains, suddenly need to climb on a high Shitai, this time if very tired, don't fully use the leg strength to rise because of the body, legs in the process of the mountain has not stopped, some muscle spasms, difficulty in extreme fatigue, so the upper and lower limbs of collocation is the best, can save a lot of energy, and ensure the safety of.

3. The method of deep breathing

Many friends are breathing short and shallow when they are on the slope. They are not regular, so it will become more and more fatigued. When you go up the mountain, keep the pace and the proper rhythm of breathing and deliberately control the state of the habit. Try to call a steep step load step one, tired deep breath, to slightly slower rhythm, the physical distribution with the breath. Rapid breathing is a waste of the movement of the lung muscle. The same amount of exercise does not absorb enough oxygen, which is what the donkey should pay attention to.

Good footwork and breathing rhythm, you can hold on for hours without stopping, and don't feel tired.

4. Try to lower the center of gravity when you go up the mountain

Well understood from the point of view of physics, low center of gravity, not only steady step, but also save energy. For example, a small man saves a lot of energy than a tall man. The upper body leaned slightly to a suitable angle, allowing gravity to help you climb the mountain. If it's a steep slope, it's better to use both hands and feet. This will be very easy. The front slope just makes up for the length of the arm, so that people can walk like animals, which is a way to save physical energy. Equipped with the use of a stick to achieve this effect