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What do you need to do when hiking needs unarmed rock climbing

time : 2017-12-11

On foot, sometimes encountered free climbing, climbing the steep and rocky slopes. Therefore, climbing rock is the main skill of mountaineering. Before climbing the rock, we should carefully observe the rock, carefully identify the quality and weathering degree of the rock, then determine the direction and route of the climb.

The most basic way to climb rocks is the "three point fixed" method, which requires the climber's hands and feet to do well. After the two hands or feet one hand fixed, then move the other point, so that the body's center of gravity gradually rise.

Using this method, to prevent channeling jump and Mengjin, and avoid two move simultaneously, and must be steady, light and fast, according to their own situation, choose the most suitable distance and the most stable fulcrum, don't cross step and catch, kicking over far point.

A mountain slope below 30 degrees can rise in a straight line.

The body is slightly forward, full of the feet, two knees bent, two feet in the eight characters, stride not too fast.

It is difficult to climb straight along a straight line when the slope is more than 30 degrees. Because the two feet wrists are not good stretching, easy to fatigue, the slope is large, the gravel is easy to roll, easy to slip.

As a result, the "zigzag" method is generally adopted. That is, in accordance with the "the" shape of the line diagonally. When you are climbing, legs slightly bent, upper body leaning forward, medial toes forward, the whole foot, toes slightly outward left lateral.

When grass is sloped, pay attention to not clutching trees and climbing the vine so as not to break a man to fall. Traveling on the scree slope, we must pay special attention to the foot to be practical, step to light, to avoid rolling stone.

When we are walking down carelessly, we should immediately face the hillside, open two arms, straighten the legs (tiptoe up), and move the center of gravity as much as possible, so as to reduce the sliding speed.

In this way, you can try to find climbing and supporting in the skiing. Do not sit on the outside, because it will not only slide faster, but also roll on the steep slope.